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WiFiKill PC App – To Monitor Your WiFi Network Status and block users

WiFiKill PC App - To Monitor Your WiFi Network Status and block users 1
Written by Avinash

If you wanna know anyone is using your WiFi network and want to block them from using the same network?. Then WiFikill pc app is available for you. You can use WiFikill pc app to monitor and block others from using your WiFi network.

There are a lot of apps are available to monitor and block specified users from using the network. But WiFikill pc app can give you all the power to block others.

Actually, WiFikill application requires root permission to work so if you wanna use WiFikill on your pc then you have to install another application called Netcut.

Netcut applications will be the best option for monitor and block WiFi users. It will work in the same way WiFikill app works.

So if you want to know how to install WiFikill pc application on your windows pc and know how to use it? Then follow my post.

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WiFiKill PC Application

Wifikill pc app or Netcut application is a newcomer which works like the same way as WiFi kill android application. This application will work on almost all windows version from windows 7.

There are so many other applications are available but in my experience, Netcut is one of the best application.

Suppose you have a Router on your college, office or home and want to block all other devices busing the bandwidth of your network. Then WiFikill pc app ( Netcut ) is the best option for you.

Don’t use this software for any illegal activities. We are sharing this only for educational purposes.

PC requirements to use WiFi kill

To use WiFikill pc app on your windows pc then it should meet some requirements otherwise bit won’t work. S let’s check what are the minimum requirements to run WiFi kill pc app on your windows laptop or desktop.

Minimum requirements

  • You must be running on any of the windows operating system. Windows 7 or above
  • Working WiFi drivers
  • All devices should be connected to the same WiFi network

Features of WiFikill pc app (Netcut)

So now let’s discuss the features of Netcut software.

Netcut application comes with a lot of cool features and options. You can check the mac address and IP address of connected users. There are so many other features available.

  1. Safe and malware-free software -. Softwares like these come with malware and viruses but. Netcut is completely safe from malware and viruses.
  2. Wireless analyze-. Wireless analyze tools will help you to find connected users’ IP addresses.
  3. WiFi kill – this option allows you to block specific users or all users who are connected to the WiFi network.
  4. Usage -. You can check data usage of connected users


How to install WiFikill

Follow below-mentioned steps to install the application

  • First, download the WiFikill pc app from the links
  • After a successful download, you can find the download app from the download folder.
  • Double click the setup file to start the installation process
  • After installation, you have to restart your computer
  • After the pc roboots double click the ap icon to start using Netcut application

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