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Best Whatsapp Mod APKs For Android 2019

whatsapp mod
Written by Avinash

Whatsapp mod is a moded version of Original stock WhatsApp apk from play store, and it comes with some premium unlocked options. You can enjoy more features and options with Whatsapp mod apps. To enjoy premium features, All you have to do is install one of the most suitable Whatsapp mod apk into your android device.

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging social media applications. You can send and receive unlimited text and media files using Whatsapp. We all know that WhatsApp is the most prominent instant messaging application. Users can send Files like images, documents, audio files, GIFs, text, and video files using Whatsapp.

We are not recommending you to use WhatsApp mod. Because some of them may malware affected. Using a Whatsapp moded version is a violation of Whatsapp policies. So there is a chance to get your account banned from using WhatsApp

Risks Of Using Whatsapp Mod

Using Cracked Android application is not safe even if they promise 100% security and additional features. Whatsapp mods like Gb Whatsapp, Yo WhatsApp, and any other WhatsApp mod is not secure. Mainly because they are not serving information from the main Whatsapp servers. Anyway, you can use any cracked Whatsapp version but at your own risk. Whatsapp is not responsible for anything happens to your data or privacy.

  1. Malware – According to some research, Whatsapp cracked versions are more vulnerable to malware attacks. Sometimes the app may be released with dangerous codes. That may steal your data and send it to third parties.
  2. Privacy – There is no guaranty on privacy. Even Whatsapp promises 100% privacy and end to end encryption. Using a cracked version may lead to privacy problems.
  3. Whatsapp policies- Using Whatsapp moded app is not a crime. But it’s against WhatsApp user policies because there is a chance to get your account permanently banned from using Whatsapp.

Whatapp Mod Apps For Android

There are a lot of Whatsapp mod apps available now. You can install your favorite mod to use. Almost all mod apps are different and unique in their features and unlocked options.

1) GB Whatsapp

gb whatsapp

GB Whatsapp is one of the most popular Whatsapp mode ever made. it has a lot more features than any other Whatsapp mods. Gb Whatsapp comes with preloaded beautiful themes and options. You can also use your own made themes and styles. One of the best things about GB Whatsapp is Its premium features like privacy option and online hiding options. Gb Whatsapp allows users to customize almost everything from chat screen to single chat.  Gb Instagram 2019 is  also developed by the same gb team


  • Variety of Themes – comes with hundreds of different beautiful themes, You can apply any theme from the theme store
  • Customization – You can easily customize almost everything in Gb WhatsApp. It allows users to customize chat screen names, colors, fonts, styles, launcher icons, etc.
  • Privacy options – Hide your last seen, blue ticks and second ticks. That means you can chat with your friends without even showing you are online
  • Regular Updates – Gb WhatsApp provides regular updates with new emojis and base features. You can download and install a new update from GB servers
  • No more file limits – Send files without worrying about warnings, you can send file size up to 30MB
  • Built-in password Lock- Comes with a strong inbuilt password authenticator, So don’t worry about your secrets
  • Auto Replay & Scheduling – You can schedule your messages
  • Free  – Gb WhatsApp is free you can use GB WhatsApp without paying anything
  • Antiban – The latest version of GB WhatsApp comes with an antiban option. which means don’t get banned from WhatsApp

2) Whatsapp Plus

whatsapp plus

Whatsapp Plus is another Whatsapp mod Developed and released by Refelate. You can use Whatsapp plus with additional features and options.  One of the best things about Whatsapp plus is its Anti-ban feature. You sort incoming messages according to the newest first or Old. Increased sending file size limits and message forwarding limits.



  • Search Group Participants – searching and selecting group participants much easier now
  • Sorting messages – You can easily sort out messages according to the time of arrival
  • Antiban – no more worries about Whatsapp permanent or temporary bans
  • Hide last seen – Hide your last seen and blue ticks
  • Hid online status- Chat without appearing online
  • Enabled payments – Payments options are enabled for easy UPI payment
  • Delete or Recall send messages –  Delete send messages without time limits

Yo Whatsapp

Whatsapp mod

Yowhatsapp is another popular Whatsapp mod apk better known as Yowa. You can get more unique features and options in Yowhatsapp.  Yowhatsapp is developed by Usafali a passionate developer. The best thing about Yo Whatsapp is its user interface.  Yo Whatsapp has an amazingly beautiful user interface just like IOS or any other premium OS. but anyway users can customize the UI with more colors and options.  Just check what are the main features of Yo Whatsapp mod apk.


  • Variety Emojis – You can find more variety of emojis in Yo Whatsapp
  • Dual – It means that you can use this Whatsapp mod with your original Whatsapp apk.
  • Hide Privacy signals-  Hide your Whatsapp last seen and all types of tick marks. This feature allows you to stay invisible to others
  • Language support – Yo Whatsapp supports a large number of languages, you can also translate unknown languages to a familiar one
  • Always online – Yo Whatsapp has a variety feature. That means you can stay online forever even if you turned off your mobile data or wifi connection.

4) Whatsapp Prime

whatsapp prime

Whatsapp-prime is just another forked Whatsapp mod. It comes with some colorful themes to attract more users. And one of the best things about prime is you can see last seen without opening the chat screen. And you can preview any type of media files before downloading.

Features :

  • New emoji: You can use new emoji packs with WhatsApp prime. Integrated Facebook emojis
  • Complete privacy: You can see last seen without entering in the chat screen
  • DP: Download profile pictures  ( latest version of Whatsapp won’t allow users to download profile pictures
  • Media preview: Preview any type of media files before downloading them
  • Size: One of the best thing is its size, Much smaller than other Whatsapp mods

Instagram plus is another Instagram mod  You can download and install just like any other application


5) FM Whatsapp

fm whatsapp

When it comes to customization options, FM Whatsapp offers very low options to customize your Whatsapp interface. But anyway Fm provides a large number of tweaks to control our Whatsapp account.  You can even lock custom chats and conversations.





  • Emoji packs – included a variety of  emoji packs
  • Lock custom chats – You can lock custom chats with a person
  • Privacy controls – Hide almost everything from online to blue ticks
  • Themes – customized themes
  • Status length – increased status length up to 5 minutes

6) Indigo Whatsapp

Whatsapp mod

Indigo mod comes with different types of launcher icons and bubble colors. So you don’t get bored with Stock Whatsapp interface colors. Indigo made With a colorful interface so it attracts more users.





  • Clear option    – Easily clear all recently used emojis
  • Hide archives – easily hide all archived chats
  • Gifs – more options more GIfs and doodle images
  • Image mod – send Higher resolution Images and videos


These are the best WhatsApp mod apps for android. You can download and install any of the WhatsApp mod to your android device. Enjoy a variety of features and options

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