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How to run Jio TV on pc – A simple guide

how to run jio tv on pc
Written by Avinash

Jio Tv is one of the best and widely used popular TV streaming application. You can easily stream your favorite TV shows and films with Jio Tv Application. There are 350+ channels and 10+ genres in 15 different languages. But Jio TV is now only available to Jio customers only. Follow my post to know How to run Jio TV on pc and how to connect jio tv to pc.

You can watch and enjoy all Tv programs from your pc by just installing software to your pc. You can use both cracked version of Jio tv app or you can download the app from play store. So follow below-mentioned steps to know how to connect jio tv to pc.

Steps To run jio tv on pc

There are different ways to watch jio tv on your pc. I have tried to post a total of 3 different methods and you can choose any one of them.

Method 1

Jio ltd Recently launched a web version for their Jio tv application so jio users can easily watch and enjoy their favorite programs on the web. You don’t need jio tv app anymore

  1.  Open a browser on your pc
  2.  Go to
  3. Login with your Jio username/Email id & password

that it now you can enjoy jio tv on your pc.   website is under maintenance and it up and running soon

Method 2

In this method, you have to download and install an application called Memu player. memu player is One of the most popular and widely used android emulator for pc.

  1. Download memuplayer
  2. Install it on your pc
  3. Run and set up the emulator software
  4. Now you can download and install Jio tv application from play store
  5. If you wanna use a cracked version then simply download and use it without any worries
  6. Login to your jio account and enjoy your Tv shows and films

That’s it you have successfully installed jio tv on your pc.

You can also use your social media applications from memuplay. apps like instagram++ and facebookwill run much more smoothly on memuplay

Method 3

how to run jio tv on pc?

  1. Download Bluestacks
  2. Install bluestacks android emulator on your pc
  3. Set it up
  4. Now download and install jio tv application from play store and install
  5. login to your account and enjoy

That’s it now you can enjoy all your programs from your pc using bluestacks application.

I’m sure that now you know how to run jio tv on pc and how to connect jio tv to pc using your jio id and password.

If you have any problem? please comment below… I’m always here to help you out.


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