How to Install Google Camera on Redmi Note 7 pro

Redmi note 7 pro is one of the most recent budget smartphones with the best cam. But still, if you want to install google camera on your phone then follow this post to know more about the installation of Google camera on your note 7 pro. There is no doubt google camera app is one of the most popular best application to take pictures. Because of its rich features and customizations are done by Google.

You can enjoy all Google features on your Redmi note 7 pro by just installing the latest version of Google camera on your Note 7 pro. The best thing about Note 7 pro is you don’t need to enable Cm2api manually. because the cam2api feature is pre-enabled on this smartphone. So it’s quite simple to install google cam on note 7 pro. All you need is the best port for your device.

How To Install Google Camera On Note 7 Pro

To install Google camera on your redmi note 7 pro you have to download the files required to install the camera ports.

Google camera ported apk – Download

  1. First, download the camera apk to your device
  2. Now check unknow source from security
  3. install the apklike any other application

That’s it you have successfully installed Google camera port on your redmi note v7 pro. From now you cam take amazing photos with your smartphone and you can even take night pics with your google cam.

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