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Hotstar not working – How To Solve

hotstar not working
Written by Avinash

Hotstar is one of the most popular streaming application in India. After Amazon Prime and Netflix, Hotstar is the most used streaming application. Hotstar can be used to stream Tv shows, films, sports, etc. Most of the Hotstar users using this application for watching Sports channels.  But still, some users are reporting Hotstar not working in their smartphones. So let’s check how to fix Hotstar not working problem.


How to fix Hotstar Not Working


There may be different reasons why Hotstar is not working on your device. So first let’s check whats the actual problem you are facing with Hotstar application.


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These are the common problems faced by Hotstar users while using the app and the fix

  1.  Stuck On the loading screen –   An error that says you have no internet connection even if you have enabled the data connection. So try reconnecting or switch to a wifi connection to fix this problem.
  2. Hotstar Not working because of the older version – there is a chance that hotstar stop working if you don’t update the application for a long time.
  3.  installation error – If you are not even able to install the application try updating your device and free some memory / RAM.
  4. Application force Close – Sometimes you have to clear the cache to work the application.
  5. Subscription ended.  Check your Hotstar premium subscription is still active or not. if not active head to hotstar website and activate your subscription.

Hotstar Web version not working  –   to solve this issue follow the steps mentioned below.

  1.  Try clearing data and cache
  2. Change proxy settings
  3. Check your LAN settings
  4. Try changing your browser


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