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Written by Avinash

Hello, guys today I’m here with some cool android apps which will help you to download unlimited Malayalam WhatsApp status.  You can easily download and share your status with your friends and family. So follow my post to know more about How to Get unlimited Malayalam WhatsApp status.

Whatsapp Status

Whatsapp is one of the most popular and widely used instant messaging application. Whatsapp is now owned by One of the tech giant Facebook. You can use WhatsApp to send and receive text, videos, photos, and audio messages.

Whatsapp status allows you to share your current status with your friends and family by uploading a photo, video, or gif files that disappear within the next 24 hours. Whatsapp introduced the status feature in 2017 and it was a huge success.

How To Get Unlimited Malayalam Whatsapp Status

There are a lot of different ways you can get amazing WhatsApp status. You can use any of these methods to download and share Malayalam WhatsApp status. You can use apps or some websites to download WhatsApp status


Snaptube is one of the best application to download amazing WhatsApp status. You can also download all types of videos and songs using snap tube. And it also provides an option to download high-quality videos and audio files from youtube and Instagram.

Download snap tube app – Download

Steps To Download Malayalam WhatsApp status with Snaptube

  1. Download Snaptube apk from the above link
  2. Install Snaptube app on your device
  3. Launch the app
  4. Now tap on the WhatsApp status button. It will list all handpicked WhatsApp status videos for you
  5. If you wanna get specified videos to tap on the search bar and type Malayalam WhatsApp status
  6. it will result in some amazing status for you
  7. Tap on download
  8. Share it with your friends

That’s it, it’s really simple to download WhatsApp status from snap tube app.


Vidmate is another kind of application which also helps you to download cool WhatsApp status.  Vidmate is a free app which means you don’t need to pay anything to download vid mate application.

Let’s check how to download status videos using vid mate

Download Vidmate   – Download

malayalam whatsapp status

Steps To Download Malayalam WhatsApp status with vid mate

  1. Download vid mate application
  2. Install and launch the application
  3. When vidmate is opened you can choose listed videos or you can use the search bar to get specified videos.
  4. Choose your video
  5. Click the Red circle button
  6. Choose the resolution and tap on the download
  7. after successful download, you can share your videos as WhatsApp status.

Share chat

Share chat is another popular application where users can upload and download photos and videos. So share chat becomes one of the most popular staus sharing p[latform. You can get unlimited Malayalam WhatsApp status from the sharechat app.

share chat status

Steps to Download Whatsapp status from Share Chat

  1. Download and install share chat from play store
  2. Launch the application
  3. Register an account with your phone number or email id
  4. select your status video or image that need to download
  5. Share it with the snap tube or vidmate
  6. It will automatically download the image or video file from sharechat
  7. After that, you can share the download video or images with your friends

Gb Instagram or  Instagram++

Instagram is one of the best sources to download amazing Malayalam Whatsapp status videos and photos. But unfortunately, Instagram does not allows users to directly download and save videos and photos. Do here we give you an application that will help you to download Your favorite videos and photos from Instagram. Gb Instagram or instagram++ Allows you to download anything from Instagram

malayalam whatsapp status

Steps to Download Malayalam Whatsapp status from Instagram

Method 1
  1. Open the Instagram app
  2. select the photo or video file which you want to download
  3. click on share
  4. Select snap tube or vidmate app
  5. Now it will automatically download the file
Method 2
  1. Install Gb Instagram or instagram++
  2. Login to your account
  3. Select the file which you want to download
  4. click on the 3 dots and select more option or GB options
  5. Download the file

That’s it you have successfully downloaded the file to your device. Now you can share the downloaded Malayalam WhatsApp status file with your friends.


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