Best Apps For Your Android Device 2019

Best apps
Written by Avinash

hello everyone today we are back with a new post which shows you some of the best Android apps you should try out.  the apps we have selected in this post are on their basis of usage and functionality. and how unique these apps are. and most importantly they are launched in the month of July 2019.

 Launcher tile

this is the first application in our list.  launcher tiles add up to six of your favorite apps as a shortcut in your notification panel. you can just simply select the apps you want to add and add it to the notification bar. and you can add the launcher tile to your list.

And when ever you tap on it you will get a popup from where you can launch your favorite apps . this feature is really helpfull and use it mainly for shoping apps. Now isted of going through the list you can simply add the apps to the notification bar and launch quickly. Launcher tile is a nice and simple app which works perfectly.


The next apps on our list is Qwench. Qwench is a water reminder app. And I know there are a lot of these apps available on play store. But this app has a minimalistic design and the option which are pretty basic. But it definitely does the job.

This apps helps you to stay dehydrated and it suggests you the number of cups you should drink in a day according to the personalization data. Overall the app helps you to hydrated by intelligently remind you to drink water through out the day.

Face pause

the next app in our list is Face pause. Face pause stops any game or app whenever you not looking at the screen. So basically once you set it up whenever you watching a movie or video clip, if somebody distracts you and start looking somewhere else then the app immediately pause the video. it’s definitely an interesting concept

Feed List

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The app was not found in the store. 🙁

next one is Feed List. As the name suggest its a news aggregator app. It helps you to stay focused on what’s important to you and save time scrolling feeds in apps like facebook, twitter, and youtube.

You can create your list and add pages from facebook, twitter users and youtube channel. then The app creates a custom feed for you. Which will show the feeds only from the selected users and facebook pages.

Retrowave Wallpaper

Retrowave wave is a wallpaper app. Which have a collection of high-quality wallpapers There are so many Retrowave wallpapers in the app that too in very high quality. You can also add different effects tpo your wallpapers.

Boom Music Player

Boom music player is a powerfull music player which allows you to listen music in 3D effect and powerfull bass. At the initial setup time it asks you the type of headphones and then you immediately notice that how good this app works

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